Happy New Year?!?!

This is always an interesting time of year for me. I see friends on social media who are hopeful for new beginnings, others who are feeling spent from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and still others who are feeling blue as they reflect on the year behind or challenge themselves to set new year's resolution. For me, I feel all of these things this time of year, which I think is pretty typical, but still makes me feel pretty confused.

So how do you find your way through it all?

I don't claim to have THE answer, but here's what works for me:

First, give yourself a break. Stop thinking you need to be everything to everyone. Ask for help with the holiday frenzy. Ask for forgiveness when you snap at someone because your nerves are frayed. Only clean what you have to. Take a few moments to yourself - even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom.

Take time to be grateful. One of the fastest ways I can pull myself out of the blues or a frustrating moment is to think about all that I am grateful for. You may choose to journal, which works great for a lot of people. For me, I take a quiet moment to think about specific things I am grateful for right now and sometimes I say a prayer of gratitude.

Reflect. We are so quick to think about what we should do differently in the new year, but pause. Take time to think about what you accomplished over the last year. When I pause and think about all that has happened over the last year personally and professionally, I am filled with pride and gratitude. I am reminded of the power I have to shape my life.

Prioritize and focus. Is your new year's resolution list looking more like a grocery list? Yeah, me too sometimes. I have accomplished more of my goals when I pick one or two and get very specific about the habits or routines I need to put in place to accomplish those goals. I ask myself, "What do I need to do every day to get there?"

Now, here's the deal, I am not good at doing all of these things. I know they work for me when I do them, but it takes practice. It takes messing up and feeling lousy so I can be reminded to get back on track. I am a work in progress. That may be the most important thing for me to remember.

Whatever is on your list for the new year, I wish you a year filled with possibility.