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We create experiences that are fun, engaging and challenging that allow people to learn and grow. Join us for a virtual workshop or allow us to host a virtual or in-person workshop for your team. We have some workshops developed and we'd be happy to create custom learning experiences for your team. Our current offerings are listed below.

Virtual Team Meeting

Communication Basics

2 hour Virtual Workshop

Would more effective communication skills help you perform better? Learning a few basic communication skills can help you share your message in way that connects with others. You'll learn to read body language, listen actively and frame your message to accomplish your purpose.


Maximize Your Communication

2 hour Virtual Workshop

Do you ever wonder why it's so hard to communicate with some people?

Learn how communication style preferences can make it challenging to communicate and how to work through that. You'll receive a Communication Style report that explains your communication style, explore the benefits and risks of your style and learn how to flex your style to communicate effectively.

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Tips for Teaching Virtually

2 hour Virtual Workshop

Are you trying to take your in-person teaching to a virtual platform? We feel your pain. We'll share what we've learned about virtual instruction including which activities work best, how to incorporate polling, how your slides can support your content, and the benefits of breakouts. 

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Virtual Meetings that Work

2 hour Virtual Workshop

Do you find yourself saying, "I can't do one more Zoom meeting!"? Virtual meetings are our new normal, at least for a while. Learn how to stay connected and be productive in a world of remote work. Bring your pain points with you and we'll solve them together.

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Time Management

2 hour Virtual Workshop

Do you ever have trouble getting it all done in a reasonable amount of time? Learn how to cut your never-ending to-do list down to a manageable size through prioritization, partnerships and planning.