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4 Fantastic Ways To Support Women in Business

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

October is Women’s National Small Business Month!

We applaud the countless women small business owners who have pursued their passion and made the leap to entrepreneurship. We at Kane Learning are here today because of Cassie Kane’s vision and willingness to do just this! Women are a driving force in the nation's economy, leading almost half of start-ups in 2021. Much of our work is with women at various levels of leadership across industries. Here are our favorite ways you can support women in business:

1. Let’s get visible!

Young women need to know they can be business leaders – whether starting their own company or pursuing leadership roles within an organization. That means they need a role model at work to show that business leadership is a viable option. It is more likely that young women will go into business for themselves when they have a positive model to look up to.

2. Show me the money!

We have two things to say about this one. First - you’ve heard the adage, “Put your money where your mouth is,” purchasing goods and services from women-owned businesses is easier than ever. Second – tell a friend! Glowing recommendations from people in our lives exponentially enhance purchasing decisions! Social media is an effective and easy way to show women in business your support.

3. Coffee, anyone?

We are built for meaningful connection. When it comes to women in business, this could mean attending networking events, inviting someone to meet for coffee, hosting a gathering, or connecting women in your life to one another. Through these connection points, we offer support to each other by sharing knowledge, information, and tools. You never know what resource you have that could be a difference-maker for someone else.

4. Tell your story!

In 2021, research shows that women started 49% of new businesses. How exciting! If you are one of these women - how did you do it? What do you wish you knew? Sharing your own story, whether starting your business or advancing your career, is a way to mentor or coach the other women in your life. The next generation of women can see themselves in that story. Each voice makes a difference.

And speaking of stories, we want to hear YOUR stories of success, progress, opportunity, or resilience! When you tell your stories, others are inspired, empowered, and learn from your experiences. What’s one thing you’d want to empower a woman in business with?

Want to read more? Here are the resources we curated:

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