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Women's Leadership Network Woman of the Month

What an honor to be featured as the Woman of the Month. I am grateful to work with so many smart women who continue to show girls that we can be all the things we want to be.


The Licking County Chamber of Commerce Women’s Leadership Network Committee is proud to feature Cassie Kane, as the May “Woman of the Month". Cassie is the Learning & Organizational Development Consultant for Kane Learning.

Q. The most fulfilling thing about your current role/job/company is...

A. Partnering with organizations to help people and teams perform at their best.

Q. What is the most important thing you’ve learned that has been critical to your career success?

A. Listen more than you speak. When you understand what is important to others you can better support, influence, find solutions, etc..

Q. Finish the sentence: The ideal way to start my day is...

A. coffee and email followed by yoga.

Q. What do you do to recharge?

A. Get outside - I love the sun.

Q. Choose one word to describe you.

A. Thoughtful.

Q. What is a piece of advice you would give your younger self?

A. It's okay to be the learner more often.

Q. What is something new you've learned in the past year?

A. So much! I'm continuing to learn how to lead a team of independent consultants who all live in different places and work different hours. The biggest thing I've learned so far is the importance of communication and connection.

Q. What book/podcast are you reading/listening?

A. Brene Brown, Atlas of the Heart

Q. Is there a particular woman who has influenced you? If so, who and why?

A. I've been very fortunate to work with and for many great leaders, women and men. One person that has greatly influenced me personally and professionally is Julie Beckman, CHRO of Highlights for Children. She was the first person I saw doing the work I do (before I even knew it was a career option). Over the years, I have worked for her in many capacities. She is smart, kind and brave. She cares deeply for people. She never stops learning and strives to create work environments that allow people to perform at their best, even better than they think they can. She is also a lot of fun.

Q. What is your secret sauce? (Favorite app, life hack, daily habits etc)

A. Believing in possibility. I always think I can probably figure it out or I know someone who can do it. I tap into resources and keep learning all the time.

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