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#1 of 5 Essential Elements of Leadership Development: LEAD SELF

It’s the last week of school, and I just got home from field day at my son’s elementary school! June is the time our students wrap up a year packed full of learning! But how about you, how are you learning? As kids, we are naturally curious. As we grow up, we begin to get comfortable with our level of expertise and don’t challenge ourselves to continue learning.

Working on personal leadership development

One of our core values at Kane Learning is a growth mindset, the belief that we can continue to grow and get better. In this blog, we’re kicking off a series of posts outlining five essential elements of leadership development to help you grow your personal leadership skills.


First up: LEAD SELF


We all need to develop core leadership skills, whether or not we have direct reports.


Are you always at your best at work? Probably not! So, what gets in the way? How we think and act greatly impacts our ability to bring our “A Game” to all we do.


In this blog post, we’ll focus on one way to be at your best more often: Making healthy choices that impact well-being and performance. Summer is a perfect time to start!


As leaders, we often feel challenged to make time for ourselves. What’s one practical way to bring this to life? We’d challenge you to create your own “morning ritual.” A morning routine has psychological and physical benefits. It sets the tone for your day and helps increase productivity and lower stress because you’ve started the day proactively rather than feeling like you've already started from a place of defense. Your routine may include exercise, reflection, or gratitude. Keep it holistic and simple. 


Working smarter, not harder, is essential to enjoying work more so that you can do your best work. If you want to learn additional tips, including practicing gratitude and getting exercise, read our full blog post - Bring Your “A” Game – Summer Edition.

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