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7 Reasons Why Learning & Development Is So Important in Business

Whether you’re the owner of a large business, the superintendent of a school or a manager of small team, you know your employees are your greatest asset. But the day-to-day grind and your growing task list can overshadow the big picture and we lose focus on this valuable resource. The only true way to grow your business is by growing your people, and here’s a list of 7 reasons why employee learning and development is so important.

1) Build self-confidence and enhance productivity

Development builds skills, which in turn builds capability and confidence. Whether it’s learning a new technology or mastering effective communication, new skills help people feel empowered and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

2) Improve company culture and morale

When an employee is encouraged to learn something new, they feel supported. A supportive work environment that embraces its employees builds team and organizational effectiveness.

3) Enhance employee contribution and reduce supervision

Not only does development help nurture particular skill sets, it also helps team members look at their daily tasks in a more meaningful way. Development also builds accountability, eliminating the need for constant supervision because you and your team are aligned on work expectations.

4) Increase retention

Providing learning and development shows that an employer cares about the team’s future, so it’s no surprise that an employer who offers these experiences is more likely to retain its employees and reduce turnover.

5) Create career growth

A great way to build your team and bridge internal gaps is promoting from within. It provides a lighted path for employees to see a future for themselves as they learn new skills and grow within your organization.

6) Create consistency of work processes, policies, and goals

A workshop or refresher can highlight workplace processes, policies, and goals. While doing so, you also create an all-in effect, growing employee commitment which increases the likelihood that they will give a high degree of energy and effort to accomplish organizational goals.

7) Improved customer satisfaction

Let’s face it, when your employees are happy, their interactions with customers, co-workers, clients, or students are better. Happiness and positivity breeds success!

What are the areas you’re focused on for employee development right now?

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